To be wired or to be wireless, that really is the correct question. Yes, wireless has a lot of options and applications to choose from, but sometimes wired may be the best option.

For those times when it isn’t, we have all the best choices and professionals to guide you in your selection process. Whether it is a handheld or body pack option, to in-ear monitoring systems, our team at AGI would love to talk you through what your options are. We have choices in a variety of price brackets that are sure to fit within your budget.


Shure has done well developing their frequency finder so you can figure out what and how many devices will fit within your wireless spectrum (found here: Shure Frequency Finder); as well as their Wireless Workbench that allows you to control all your wireless in one location on your computer. Sennheiser has a similar tool as well (found here : Sennheiser Frequency Finder)

One nice thing about wireless is the different customization you’re able to do with them. From choosing different headsets or lavalieres that best fit your application, to different capsules for handhelds that fit every voice pattern, to universal in-ears or custom in-ear options; we are sure to have the right fit for you and your team.

There are times when new technologies come out like Digital 2.4GHz products, but fitting those within your existing Wi-Fi and other wireless devices can be a problem.

Make sure to check out our AGI Insider video, which will even talk through FCC changes and devices that may cause wireless interference that you never suspected.

If you need help choosing the right wireless systems for your next event or project, don’t do it alone. Call us at 866.683.8809 and see how AGI can make sure it’s done right the first time and works every time.

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