Two channels of professional wireless in one unit

Shure’s PSM1000 offers state-of-the-industry features for the best in professional wireless monitoring.


The rack mounted, dual-channel, networked transmitter from Shure is perfectly suited for the demands of professional installation and touring applications. The PSM1000 is the only single rack space, dual-channel IEM system that Shure makes. It is absolutely the best way to cram the most Shure channels in the least amount of space.

Ethernet connection enables remote control of transmitter functions and comprehensive frequency coordination via Wireless Workbench software. This drastically increases the speed of setup for large channel counts. They include 2 ethernet and power ports so you can daisy chain all your transmitters. This will really help minimize cable costs and installation times.

The P10R bodypack receiver delivers pristine audio quality. It’s a diversity receiver, meaning that it has two antennas and two separate receivers built in. The pack monitors the signal hundreds of times a second and auto-magically chooses the antenna that has the best signal. This means no dropouts for happier performers and means that you’ll spend less time chasing wireless gremlins and more time focused on what matters.


A special “CueMode” allows monitoring of up to 20 different stage mixes from one single bodypack for monitor engineers to make quick and easy mix references even while they’re away from the console. Imagine taking an iPad and helping performers get their mixes set and being able to listen to their mix wirelessly at the same time. This will not only help your monitor engineer do their job quicker and easier but will also help bridge the gap between the techs and the performers. Any time that you can have a positive interaction like that is a win in my book.


Shure’s optional rechargeable battery system, called the SBC200, eliminates the need for expensive disposable batteries and provides extended usage times with reliable battery life, cycle count, and health metering. This system can virtually pay for itself versus buying disposable batteries. Imagine having a standardized location with a place for each person’s mic and pack with a nice, neat label on it.  It doesn’t get better than that.


If you’re interested in this wireless system, watch this more in-depth review:

If you need help choosing the right wireless systems for your next event or project don’t do it alone, call us at 866.683.8809 and see how AGI can make sure it’s done right the first time and works every time.

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