Don’t Drop The Mic

There are three mic and stand problems I see most often…

1. Miking a choir with handheld mics.
2. Using a mic because it looks cool.
3. Using the wrong stand because we don’t have the right one.

These are things we’ve all done. One time while cleaning out the cable bin, a volunteer found a wild looking mic from a company they’d never heard of and thought it would be cool to try it out on the electric guitar. It was the most horrible sound I’ve ever heard. I snuck backstage in the middle of service and switched it between songs.  It was that bad. Take a minute to read over my mic do’s and dont’s.

DO – Mic Your Choir The Right Way

audix-micro-boomMost churches do this once or twice a year, so they don’t throw a lot of resources behind it. This usually means you end up trying to mic a choir of 30 people with whatever mics you have leftover in your cabinet. Since you’re using left over mics and stands, you don’t get a good sound and nobody enjoys the lack of volume and the loud feedback so you swear not to do this again until you have to. What if you took a little time and to improve the experience?

Our friends at AUDIX have been solving this problem for years and have a fantastic product called the MICRO BOOM. These are so small that they’re almost invisible to cameras and they sound great too. AUDIX also has a great video resource to help you mic your choir better:


Take a look at AUDIX and give us a call for the best pricing. Start thinking ahead to Christmas and Easter now.

DON’T – Use A Mic Because It Looks Cool

gold-diamond-micIt might work for a pop star lip-syncing to tracks while riding a float down 5th Avenue in November, but it doesn’t work in reality, where most of us live. Most of us.

The biggest challenge to a tech who wants to buy a new mic is that they don’t have a way to demo every mic made by every company. That’s where AGI can help. We’ve worked with performers from all over the world and have relationships with hundreds of manufacturers to know what mics sound great for any instrument or vocal style.

Contact us and we’ll get you mics that look good AND sound good.

That mic would look nice in the soundbooth. Does anyone want a gold talkback mic?

DON’T – Use The Wrong Stand For The Job

Suitcase Microphone StandWe’ve all been there. An electric player wants to use two mics and you only have one stand. You thought the bass player was going to go direct, but they walk in with a nice cab and REALLY want big tone. OR… you have enough stands to mic an orchestra, but they’re all missing parts and are held together with tape and prayers.

Stands aren’t expensive and there’s one for every instrument and situation. Call our team and they’ll know exactly what you need to save time and space backstage without breaking your budget.

AGI is here to help you with all your Audio, Video, and Lighting needs. We want to help you use technology to share the gospel in a way that is relevant to your culture. If you want to learn more contact us or sign up for our weekly email newsletter below. Together, let’s craft an irresistible environment that clearly communicates the gospel to a hurting world.

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Sean has worked as a Technical Director at Saddleback Church and Mariners Church in Orange County, CA. He currently works as the Studio Manager for Beyond Creative LLC and as the Client Relations Manager for AGI.
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