There are more uses for DI boxes beside boring guitars. We use them for keyboards, iPads, computers, and my favorite… between the pedalboard of an EG and an amp. I’ve put together three of my favorite time-saving DI boxes below to get your stage looking cleaner and saving you time during setup.




This setup changed the way that I thought about electric guitars on stage. This beauty allows you to balance and send your EG signal from a box on stage through a mic cable, to another box backstage. This unbalances the signal and runs it directly into your amp. You simply plug your guitar or pedalboard into the SGI-TX input and connect your amp to the SGI-RX output. Connect the two boxes with an XLR cable and you’re ready to go.


This rack-mount box is perfect for keyboard players and drummers needing multiple DIs. This eliminates the messy and problematic pyramid of four or five boxes. The rack-mount box means I can plug all of the outputs into one solid simple solution. This box has all the connections you’ll need for keyboards, synths, drum machines, computers, loops, tracks, and whatever other craziness your synth player dreams up.

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iPhones, iPads, and laptops have opened up new creative worlds to musicians but it also means that we see stereo signals streaming into the Tech Booth over unbalanced cables. We all know what it is like trying to manage multiple DI boxes with mobile devices on the other end. You can save space and budget with a stereo DI box made specifically for these devices. What I love is that this box is specially designed to eliminate buzz, hum, and noise that specifically plagues computer audio.

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