Touted as the ideal entry-level device in the market place, the Shure BLX wireless system is hard to top.

This system allows for you to configure it for any set-up needs you may have. From single to dual channel set-up, to rack mountable, to handheld options, to body pack options that include options in headsets, lavalieres, guitar, or instrument clip-ons.


With Shure’s notable one button set-up ability, 12 channels per frequency band usage, and long battery life, you won’t want to look at anything else. Even in their entry-level product, you get to take advantage of Shure’s Design Studio for the microphones if you’d like.

If you need help choosing the right wireless systems for your next event or project, don’t do it alone. Call us at 866.683.8809 and see how AGI can make sure it’s done right the first time and works every time.

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