If you want to get into the Wireless System world, the Shure BLX system is where you want to look first. It has Shure’s legendary signature sound in an economical price point.

With this system you also get to do customization from the start. Check out Shure’s Design Studio where you can design or customize your own microphone choices right on their website. Not only can you pick the capsule you want, but also color choices for the handheld or designs that you pick and put on the microphone.



Shure’s talented teams went to the drawing board on these and were able to make these units last on AA batteries for up to 14 hours and with a wireless range of 300 feet. Just because you pay less for a product doesn’t mean you should suffer any quality and with Shure you don’t ever suffer from quality. These are sure to meet your needs in ways you never anticipated.

Our team at AGI stands ready to get you the tools you need without breaking your budget. Contact your sales rep or give us a call at (866) 683-8809 to see how we can help you be your best.

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