Shure pulled out all the punches when making and delivering the Shure PSM300 Wireless Personal Monitor System. The PSM300 operates with Shure’s patented audio signature to ensure the clearest sound, with ultra low noise and no artifacts. Done in part using Shure’s digital audio technology.
With easy to use programming that involves a one-touch scan and sync to verify the device is working with a clean and clear wireless signal, you can run around with this device up to 300 feet. You can also have 15 compatible frequencies operating per bandwidth.


You can buy these systems with either the P3R or the P3RA body pack. The P3RA comes in a metal case with advanced EQ and volume limiting options. You can also use rechargeable batteries with the P3RA set-up. Each pack offers exception stereo options that deliver a wide stereo image for exceptional clarity.

Not only do these systems come with rack mountable equipment, but they also deliver these devices with Sound Isolating Earphones that you can use with them. If you don’t already own your own custom in-ears (Ultimate Ears or like models) you could also get some Sensaphonics molds that work with the Shure Sound Isolating Earphones for a more custom fit.

Shure SE215

This setup is economical with a variety of options to choose from. You won’t go wrong with the Shure PSM300 for you and your teams.

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