For years Shure has been a consistent workhorse in top of the line production equipment. From microphones to wireless applications in both microphones and personal monitoring systems. The Shure PSM900 is just one of those devices that you want to have a rack full of.

Shure P9RA

From amazing audio quality to unparalleled RF technology, to other industry leading features the Shure PSM900 will not let you down in any of your applications. The PSM900 boasts an enhanced digital stereo encoder that provides a fantastic stereo image with phenomenal separation allowing for enhanced audio detail and clarity in any listening environment.

The PSM900 also touts Shure’s industry leading front-end RF filtering, which reduces interference making for a cleaner, stronger signal with fewer dropouts and less audible artifacts. Shure also worked out an exceptional signal process that allows up to 20 channels with reduced intermodulation per frequency range.

Another nice feature is the P9RA will also pair with the PSM1000 series transmitters allowing for flexibility if you already have these devices in your inventory or repertoire.

Don’t forget about Shure’s handy and easy to use IR sync feature, making programming multiple devices easy and time efficient.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out Shure’s Sound Isolating Earphones to pair with your PSM900 device to take the listening experience to the next level. As well as you can pair those with Sensaphonics custom-fit IEM sleeves to go over top of them to bridge you into the custom in-ear realm.


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