For years, Shure has been the most recognizable and common wireless system around the world, used for their amazing reliability and legendary sound quality. The QLX-D line is continuing that tradition with so many systems to choose from.

In their handheld configuration, Shure allows you to pick between six of their classic and iconic capsules. With the set-up designed to get you to install and performance levels in a matter of minutes, you won’t be disappointed with this tool. The body pack configurations allow you to be flexible and work in whatever avenue you need, whether it be headsets, lavalieres, or guitar/bass and instrument packages. Shure is able to boast about their 8 hour battery life, which means you won’t be left high and dry in the middle of your performance.


Knowing how tricky and packed the wireless spectrum can be, Shure has made it possible with these devices to choose between 1400 frequencies, and allows up to 40 devices to be programmed within the frequency band. But don’t fear in trying to figure out what is available. Shure put in their easy-to-use frequency scan feature, allowing you to coordinate and find available frequencies with ease.

You will be satisfied with Shure’s amazing wireless performance and sound quality, and their ease-of-use design in the QLX-D Wireless System.

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