Since the creation of their first professional mixing console, Yamaha has made it a mission to stay in touch with the needs of sound engineers around the world. The result of listening to the needs of customers and building their recommendations into new products is the overwhelming success of the recent CL and QL digital consoles. One of the main ways Yamaha does this is by not constraining the users’ creativity and now Yamaha has created a new way of operating their consoles that gives the user more freedom than ever before.

It’s called TouchFlow.



The TF series of consoles allow the operator to respond to the performers on stage with never before seen speed, giving operators time to polish their sound like never before. The entire TouchFlow system is centered around a large touch screen that combines a straightforward process with precise control.

Operators who are learning to mix audio will be able to learn and grow, while experienced engineers will find it easier than ever to achieve the ideal mix. Live tracking and playback give you the power to train new volunteers and new Tio Dante I/O racks let you save time every week during stage setup.


If you think it’s time for your team to experience the natural control and creative freedom that only a truly evolved console can provide, call us at 866.683.8809 and see what AGI can do for you.


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